Coloring Books for Music Lovers

Music and coloring may have more in common than you think. When a musician begins looking at a new song, it’s just a series of notes on a piece of paper. It’s not until the musician uses their instrument to play the song that the music comes to life. Some musicians might play the same song differently than others – they might integrate a new instrument into the song, play the song in a different key, improvise certain parts of the song, or add their own unique spin on the piece of music in another way.


Starting a new design in a coloring book is similar. You begin with a page that’s simply a black and white outline of a design. It’s not until you starting coloring the page that the design comes to life. You will likely approach the same design in a coloring book differently than someone else would. You might use a specific color scheme, integrate your own additions to the design, or, just like the musician, add your own unique spin in another way.

Playing music and coloring are both forms of artistic expression. So, it’s not a surprise that the two go hand in hand. If you love music just as much as you love coloring, you can combine the two with an array of coloring books for music lovers. We’ve rounded up some of the best music-themed coloring books just for you!


Whether you prefer indie rock, eighties rock, or good old rock n’ roll, there are a ton of coloring books out there that are sure to inspire you. The classic Indie Rock Coloring Book features over twenty hand-illustrated designs from artist Andy J. Miller, showcasing bands like the Shins, the National, Rilo Kiley, and Bon Iver. If eighties rock is more your style, you’ll want to check out the 80’s Rockers Coloring Book, filled with illustrations of both male and female eighties rocker images.

Maybe you’re a fan of good old rock n’ roll. There are several coloring books out there just for you. The Rock-N-Roll Coloring Book Volume I includes fifty of the top stars of rock and punk. Rock out and take a trip down memory lane through these psychedelic and highly stylized illustrations that capture the contagious spirit of rock n’ roll. From John Lennon and Buddy Holly to Steven Tyler, Carlos Santana, and so many more, you’re going to love this coloring book. Keep on rocking with this rad Rock N Roll Coloring Book, featuring twenty hand-drawn designs showcasing your favorite artists, like Elvis Presley and Bob Dylan.

Rap and Hip Hop

Perhaps you prefer rap and hip hop when you’re kicking back to your favorite beats. Don’t worry – there are plenty of coloring books out there just for you. Get creative with Bun B’s Rap Coloring and Activity Book, featuring forty-eight pages filled with fun and smart plays on rap culture. Color your way through some of your favorite rap stars like Tupac, Drake, Jay Z and, of course, Bun B himself with this imaginative coloring book. You might also want to check out these rap and hip hop favorites: the Gangsta Rap Coloring Book and the Colour Me Good Hip Hop Coloring Book. From artists like Childish Gambino to Kanye West, you’re sure to get your fill with these fly coloring books.

Heavy Metal

Save the moshing and head-banging for the shows. You can unwind and release your tensions with the Heavy Metal Coloring Book. You’ll enjoy coloring your way through pages through some of your favorite artists. Whether you love Slipknot, Spinal Tap, or Judas Priest, this coloring book is going to be right up your alley.

Favorite Artists

Take your musical obsession one step further by coloring pages showcasing your favorite artist. There are a collection of coloring books out there dedicated to some of the most timeless and renowned musical groups and solo artists of our time. If you’re a diehard fan of a particular musician, one of these coloring books may be perfect for you.

If you’ve had Beatlemania since the 1960’s, you can fuel your obsession with these coloring books. The Beatles Inspired Coloring Book is packed with pages highlighting the journey of this amazing band. For even more coloring fun inspired by the phenomenal artistry of the Beatles, check out the John Lennon Inspired Coloring Book. Influenced by the music of John Lennon, his message, and the Beatles, this book will allow you to color through pages inspired by your favorite band.

Maybe Bruce Springsteen is more your style. Then you need to explore this coloring book devoted just to him: Bruce Springsteen: The Coloring Book. This collection of original drawings celebrates the evolution of this Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter.

Perhaps you’re a lifelong fan of the Starman himself, David Bowie. There are two coloring books that are sure to inspire you. The David Bowie: Color the Starman Coloring Book highlights this iconic artist through an array of illustrations. For a more in-depth coloring experience, you’ll also want to check out the David Bowie: Starman, a Coloring Book. Celebrate the life, career, and artistry of a true innovator with this special coloring book. You can color your way through pages of Bowie’s most iconic looks, stardusted visions, and stylistic moments. It’s also packed full of quotes, facts, and memories honoring this revolutionary musician.

Musical Instruments

It’s possible that you prefer a particular musical instrument over a specific musical genre, artist, or group. Don’t fret! There are a variety of instrument-inspired coloring books you’ll adore. You can unleash your inner artist with the Musical Instrument Coloring Book. This collection features forty-six illustrations of an array of musical instruments for you to color and enjoy. If guitar is your favorite instrument that you love to play or love to listen to, there’s a coloring book just for you. The Guitars Adult Coloring Book is filled with thirty fun designs of this classic and diverse instrument.

Music Lovers

Your love for music might not be limited to a certain genre, artist, or instrument. You might just love music of all kinds. There are plenty of music-themed coloring books for any type of music lover. The Music: Adult Coloring Book includes thirty-two unique and intricate designs of music notes, instruments, and other fun patterns. For more music-inspired designs, check out the Musical Fun Adult Coloring Book and the Love of Music Coloring Book. You’re going to feel creative and relaxed as you color your way through these exciting music themed pages.

Combine Your Love of Music and Coloring

Music and coloring make the perfect pair. They share a similar creative process and both help to boost your imagination. If you love music and enjoy coloring, a music-themed coloring book is the perfect way to combine your passions. To enhance your coloring experience a step further, you might even want to consider listening to your favorite type of music while you color the designs of one of these music-inspired coloring books. We’d love to learn about the music-themed coloring books that are inspiring you. Leave us a message in the comments. We can’t wait to hear how you’re combining these two amazing art forms!

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