5 Ways Coloring Can Help You Transition from Summer to Fall

Transitions between seasons can be exciting, but they can also be challenging – particularly the transition from summer to fall. The summer months are a time where we tend to feel more relaxed and laid back. Our schedules become a bit more flexible and our attitudes become a bit more carefree. We get to spend more time outdoors and, if we’re lucky, we even get to escape our lives and routines for a bit and take a much-needed summer getaway.

When fall creeps in, the temperatures start to drop and the days become shorter. More importantly, we begin to feel a push to buckle down and get back to our work, schedules, and routines. This cycle began in our youth when fall signified summer vacation was over and it was time to get back to school. Before that, this cycle originated in farming culture when fall meant it was time to harvest the crop and prepare for winter. Letting go of that summer freedom and easygoing summer mood can be difficult, but your coloring practice can help you transition from summer to fall.

Whatever You Feel, Just Color It

With any transition, you may find yourself going through a range of emotions. It could be frustration with the changes, sadness in letting go of the past, or fear about what’s next. On the other hand, you may have more excited energy. Perhaps you’re feeling newly energized after giving yourself a break during the summer, and you’re pumped up and ready to tackle a new project in the fall. Even excited energy can be overwhelming. That’s where your coloring practice comes in.

The coloring page is the perfect place to channel your emotions. Whether you need to work through anxiety or need an outlet to direct your passions, coloring can help you. Coloring is a form of self-expression. From the designs you choose to the colors you select, you can use the page to articulate your thoughts or break through barriers. Whatever you feel, just color it.

Free Your Mind and Keep that Summer Attitude

When it’s time to let go of spontaneous summer road trips and rooftop happy hours and get back to the grind, it can be easy to slip into a more rigid or negative mindset. Sometimes we need structure and laser focus to work hard and get things done, but we can also lose a sense of joy, enthusiasm, or inspiration when we shift to a more systematic mode of thinking. You may find that your creativity is impacted with the change of seasons, but coloring can help you to free your mind and keep that summer attitude.

During the summer, there’s less pressure to constantly go and do, which allows your mind to be more open to possibilities. When we get back into the typical flow of our lives and work, that freedom can dissipate. No matter what the season, coloring can help to open your mind and unlock your creativity. It provides the perfect balance of structure and freedom, give you a place to focus your imaginative juices and the opportunity to explore your ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

Start Exploring New Places

During the warmer summer months, it’s great to spend more time outdoors by taking your coloring practice with you to the park, the pool, or even the beach. As leaves start to change color and cooler temperatures start to roll in, you will likely have to take your coloring routine back indoors. However, this presents an exciting opportunity for you to start exploring new places and finding new sources of inspiration.

This fall, challenge yourself to get off your couch, break out of your home, and continue to take your coloring practice out into the elements. Just because you can’t spend as much time outside doesn’t mean you can’t find other interesting and imaginative places to color. You could head to a local museum, library, or simply to your favorite café. Notice how changing up your surroundings might impact your coloring practice and your creativity.

Stay Connected with Others

When the sun is shining and temperatures are high, people tend to look for any excuse to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. In the colder months, the opposite can occur – people tend to look for any excuse to stay cozy and curled up in the comfort of their home. It can be easy to feel more disconnected from your friends and family during the cooler seasons when everyone is in more of a hibernation mode.

Although coloring may seem like a solo activity, it can actually help you stay connected with others this fall. Start to make a habit of coloring with others. You could have a girl’s night in on a cool fall evening with coloring, wine, and cheese. You could invite a loved one to hole up with you at your go-to coffee shop and spend the afternoon coloring and sipping steamy drinks. Get creative. No matter what you decide to do, let you coloring practice be communal this season.

Maintain Consistency through All the Seasons

Your coloring practice is always there for you, rain or shine. No matter what time of year it is or what the weather is like, you can stick to your coloring routine. What makes transitions between seasons challenging is simply the element of change. Even if you consider yourself adventurous or spontaneous, as humans, we’re creatures of habit and change can be scary or at least unsettling. Coloring can help you maintain consistency through all the seasons of the year.

As we transition from summer to fall, aspects of your life and schedule are inevitably going to change, but try to make it a priority to stick to a regular coloring routine. When you can stay grounded in something that feels comfortable and familiar, it can help to ease you through a transition.

Color Your Way into Fall

As summer fades away and fall rolls in, don’t let the transition derail your outlook or your creativity. Rely on your coloring practice to keep you rooted, inspired, and connected. We’d love to hear your experience using your coloring practice to help you through a transition, whether it’s the changing of seasons or another shift in your life. Leave us a message in the comments below. We can’t wait to learn how you’re coloring your way into fall!


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