5 Ways To Use Your Coloring Practice To Create Structure In The Summer

The summer is often the most relaxed and carefree season of the year. People are jetting off on warm weather vacations, taking long weekends to the nearest body of water, and leaving early on Fridays for rooftop happy hours. If you’re a parent, the kids are out of school and free to spend their days playing with friends in the backyard, lounging at the neighborhood pool, or binge watching movies in the basement. The summer season provides a lot of additional freedom in our lives and schedules, but for those of us that enjoy and thrive best with a little structure, the summer can be a bit of a double edged sword.

However, there are ways you can build structure into your summer so that you can still feel grounded in your typical routine. Maintaining your coloring practice through the summer months, whether you’re at home or enjoying summer travel, is just one way you can help to preserve and cultivate that sense of structure. If you’re not sure how to get started, don’t worry. Just keep reading. We’re going to explore five ways to use your coloring practice to create structure in the summer.

Starting or Sustaining Your Coloring Practice

It doesn’t matter if you have an established coloring practice or if you’re looking to start one. Either way, you can use your coloring practice to create structure in the summer. For those who have an established practice, begin by noticing if you’ve maintained your practice so far this summer. If you haven’t, don’t be hard on yourself. Simply take some time to consider what has taken you out of your routine. You may be able to identify some interferences that have kept you from coloring so you can combat them. If you’re just starting your coloring practice, make sure you have all the essentials, like an exciting new coloring book and a set of colored pencils, markers, or gel pens. That’s all you need to establish a coloring practice that can help you create a fun and constructive framework to keep you grounded this summer.

Make Your Coloring Practice a Ritual

One of the key steps for getting the most out of your coloring practice is making it a ritual. Even if you have an established coloring practice, you may be missing this crucial component. Whether you want to set aside time to color every day or simply once or twice each week, you can form a habit of coloring. Start by choosing a time of day or day of the week you can commit to coloring no matter where the summer months take you. Maybe you want to jumpstart your day by coloring first thing in the morning. Perhaps you’d prefer to make coloring a nightly ritual to relax and unwind before bed. You might want to set aside a few hours to color every Sunday to ease out of your weekend and into the work week ahead. It doesn’t matter when you decide to establish your coloring practice as long as you make it a ritual you can commit to.

A Fun and Productive Way to Enjoy Lazy Summer Days

Every summer, you’re going to have inevitable downtime. Whether you’re away on a vacation or jetting out of the office early on a Friday to kick off a long weekend, the lazy days of summer often have people taking work and their lives a little less seriously. For those of us who enjoy the structure of keeping busy, having some extra free time in the summer can be paralyzing if you don’t know how to use that spare time in a fun and productive way. This is where your coloring practice can come into play. Coloring is both relaxing and rewarding. It’s a constructive and creative way to pass the time during the summer while taking a break from the hustle and bustle of work. Once you complete a design, you’ll feel gratified and fulfilled that you’ve used your time to create something beautiful and imaginative.

Stay Grounded Through the Unexpected

During the summer, you may get a spontaneous invitation to join a co-worker at their beach house one weekend, hit up a concert on a Tuesday night, or even grab a midday ice cream cone with a friend. Many people love to take advantage of the relaxed freedom summer offers by making seasonal plans on the fly. If you prefer structure, it can sometimes be hard to go with the laid back flow. That’s why your coloring practice can help you stay grounded through the unexpected and impulsive summer plans. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of going out on a weekday or playing hooky on a Friday to take a weekend trip, know that your coloring practice is there for you and can join you along for the ride.

Take Your Coloring Practice Wherever You Go

One of the best things about your coloring practice is that you can take it wherever you go. Coloring books are lightweight, compact, and easily portable whether you’re heading out on a camping trip, spending the day in a boat out on the lake, or flying across the globe. You can seamlessly slip them into your seatback pocket on the road or into your backpack on the go. No amount of impromptu summer plans can get in the way of your coloring practice. It can travel right along with you so that you can keep that sense of structure and your routine. No matter where the summer takes you, keep your coloring book in tow and stick to your ritual.

Rely on Your Coloring Practice this Summer

Finding or retaining structure in the summer can be a challenge with co-workers constantly in and out of the office and the kids at home from school. Plus, you may be taking some vacations yourself. Whether you’re working on the road or enjoying some time off, it can be overwhelming to ditch your routine and plan an elaborate trip.

If you feel most comfortable, relaxed, and successful with a little more structure than the summer months typically provide, don’t worry. You’re not alone! Many of us can struggle to fully embrace and enjoy the freedom of summer and find ourselves most happy and productive with the structure of our typical routines. This season, try something different and rely on your coloring practice this summer. We’d love to hear how you’re using your coloring practice to create structure in the summer months. Leave us a message in the comments below. We can’t wait to learn about your experience!


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