Celebrate Valentine’s Day With These 10 Unique Ideas

Don’t you find it funny that we humans have a holiday specifically dedicated to love and romance? Think about it: we—who are usually hostile before that first cup of coffee in the morning— have basically designated the 14th of February to celebrate the warm and fuzzies aka Valentine’s Day.

The only damper to that thought is that we’ve been celebrating Valentine’s Day the same way since…ever. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend it doing something new and exciting?

There are tons of unique activities to do beyond the usual Valentine’s Day fare. This year, stray away from the usual path and give these unconventional Valentine’s Day ideas a shot instead:

Go On A Hike and Camp Out Under The Stars

If you’re done with movie marathons and restaurant dates then spending time away from the city’s hustle and bustle might give you a breath of fresh air—literally.

North America is uniquely blessed with many breathtaking trails, campsites, and national parks. Look around— there’s bound to be a scenic hike or campsite within your tristate area. Spending the day exploring the great outdoors, breathing fresh air, enjoying a rustic dinner by the campfire and sleeping under the stars sure beats stuffy restaurants and hectic city streets, right?

Get Matching Tattoos

Here’s a cool way to celebrate Vday for the wild and young at heart… get matching tattoos to show your commitment to each other. Before you panic, we’re not talking about getting a full sleeve. Sweet and subtle ones around the ring finger are popular among couples (and are sometimes inked as an alternative to wedding rings), but you can definitely go for other designs and placements. Take inspiration from things that are meaningful to you and your significant other and just have fun with it.

If you’re not keen on something so permanent (or painful), there’s always semi-permanent tattoos. Sure, they’re less exciting and fade within a couple of weeks but can be a great alternative if you’re not ready for a real one.

Give Back and Volunteer

Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to love, and what better way to show love than to share your time and energy with others in need? This year, go out on a limb and volunteer. There are countless of retirement homes, orphanages, soup kitchens, and even animal shelters that need an extra hand. Sharing this day with others makes it meaningful and worthwhile.

Have A Blind Date—With A Book

Have you ever been on a blind date? How about a blind date with a book? If you’re in for a bit of excitement, you can try this nerdy twist on a Valentine favorite. There are tons of libraries, booksellers and online shops who do this display each year, so if you’re a bookworm in need of a book companion this Valentine’s Day, a blind date with a book would be perfect.

Here’s how it works: the displayed books are completely wrapped in paper so you can’t see their covers. The only clues you’ll get are vague descriptions written on the wrapper: it’s a suspense novel, it’s a bestseller, it involves drama…things like that. It’s a great and exciting way to discover new books!

Throw A Coloring Party

Can’t be bothered to go on a date? Throw a coloring party! It’s the perfect excuse to share your love of coloring with your buddies. Take those pens, markers and coloring books out and spend the day just chillin’ like villains. If you don’t know how to plan the perfect party, we’ve got just the thing here.

PS: if you’ve got some spare coloring books lying around, follow the previous tip and do a blind date with a coloring book on your party. Your friends will be delighted!

Make Some Pretty Food And Drinks

Valentine’s food is usually made up of chocolates, chocolates, and more chocolates. Why don’t you break the mold this year and try your hand at making pretty and healthy snacks instead? Acai bowls are delicious, healthy and visually pleasing, especially if you top your bowl off with colorful fruits like kiwi, strawberries, and bananas.

For happy hour, make some dainty floral ice cubes to go with your cocktails. These ice cubes are made with real edible flowers that would give your drinks an extra oomph.

Check Something Off Your Bucketlist

Make the day memorable by checking something off your bucketlist. Whether it’s something extreme like skydiving or something a bit more laidback like going to an art class, spend this Valentine’s Day doing something you’d remember for a long time.

Escape Rooms and Ghost Tours

If you don’t feel like going out of town for an adventure, activities like escape rooms and ghost tours are a great alternative. They’re fun, a bit mysterious and definitely exciting. Get your mind spinning and adrenaline running without leaving the city with these unique activities.

A Different Kind of Bouquet

Who says a bouquet has to be made from flowers? Bouquets can, in fact, be made from other delightful things like pens, chocolates, bacon and even chicken nuggets. Your imagination is the limit. Get creative and put something extra personalized for your S.O.

Film Your Own Movie

Here’s an idea: instead of watching another rom-com, film your own Valentine’s Day adventure. It could be a crazy cinematic day outdoors, or it could be a simple, spontaneous home video. You can even make it a tradition: film all your Valentine’s Days, compile and watch them with popcorn after, say, five years. It’s a great way to remember and reminisce the silly things you and your significant other do each year.

Final Thoughts

Roses, chocolates and candle-light dinners don’t necessarily make Valentine’s Day. They’re just things that we’re used to doing. The truth is you can still enjoy something meaningful and romantic without being predictable. Think out of the box and make this year special and memorable by doing something different.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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