How to Host an Adult Coloring Night on Halloween

When you’re a kid, Halloween is one of the most exhilarating holidays. Rain or shine, weekend or school night, you were guaranteed a fun and festive night out with your friends – outdoing last year’s costumes and collecting copious amounts of candy. But, as you get older, your enthusiasm for Halloween can start to fade.

As an adult, you might enjoy a good costume party every few years, but only when Halloween falls on a Friday or Saturday – you certainly can’t stay out too late when you’ve got to be up for work the next morning. Most Halloween nights, you may find yourself hanging out at your house and handing out candy to the neighborhood kids.

This year, don’t let another Halloween pass by. Reclaim the joy and excitement of the holiday by throwing your own festive and low-key holiday gathering. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated or require a lot of work to prepare. That’s why we’ve outlined five simple steps to hosting an adult coloring night this Halloween.

Step One: Send Out the Invites

Before you start planning your Halloween coloring night, remember that your guiding principle is keeping things simple, relaxed, and laid-back. Sending out invitations could be as easy as shooting an email or a group text to a few friends and co-workers. You could even do this just a few days before the holiday – no formal RSVP-process required. Invite people to drop by on their way home from work or the gym.

If you want to go the extra mile and send out a more formal invitation, stay on-theme for your Halloween coloring party by using some of your coloring pages for the invites. Grab a spooky Halloween coloring book to get started. You could repurpose completed pages to compose your invites, or you could send your guests blank pages to complete on their own or bring to the party to color.

Step Two: Prepare the Coloring Books and Supplies

There are only two things you absolutely have to prepare in order to host an adult coloring night on Halloween, and one of them is the coloring books and supplies. You can go out and purchase an array of Halloween and fall-themed coloring books to keep things festive, or you can be sure to have just a couple seasonal coloring books around, mixed in with whatever coloring books you already have in your home – remember, the idea is keeping things simple and low-key. Next, gather your favorite sets of markers, colored pencils, and gel pens.

There’s one more way to make the prep-step even easier: invite your friends to BYOC (that’s bring your own coloring book). Just add a note in your invite, asking people to bring their favorite coloring book and supplies to swap and share. Even if you go this simplified route, you should still be sure to have a few coloring books and supplies on-hand for guests who forget or who are new to coloring.

Step Three: Set the Scene

Setting the scene for your Halloween coloring night can be as basic or elaborate as you want it to be. If you’ve got a box of Halloween decorations collecting dust in a closet and you want to bust them out, go for it. Everyone loves a pop of festive décor to create some ambiance. You could also go through your old costumes and set out some basic props, like a witch hat or cat ears, for guests to put on and get in the Halloween spirit.

You certainly don’t have to go all out and stage a spooky fun house for your guests to have a good time at your gathering. To keep things a little less complicated, you could simply light some candles, pick up a pumpkin at your local supermarket, and put on a classic scary movie. A couple simple touches are all your guests need to enjoy a relaxing coloring night on Halloween.


Step Four: Have the Candy Ready

No matter how intricate or straightforward you want to make your Halloween coloring night, you should plan to have a few refreshments ready for your guests to nibble and sip. A great big bag of Halloween candy is a must. You’ll need a steady supply of sugary goodies not only for your guests but also for the inevitable tricker-treaters who will stop by your door. Have some drinks on-hand, and you party could be complete.

If you want to spice things up a bit in the snack department, have some spooky holiday cocktails or craft beers ready to pour. Grab some other seasonal snacks at the store, like some Halloween cookies, and plan to order a pizza for dinner. Even a slightly more elaborate Halloween coloring night can be relatively easy to pull off.

Step Five: Get the Party Started

When the big night rolls around, remember to embrace the easy-going vibe you’ve created in planning this low-key soiree. Throw on a Halloween playlist with songs like Thriller and The Monster Mash. Have a table set up with the coloring books and supplies ready to go. Toss your bag of candy in a bowl near the door so guests can grab a handful on their way in and you have easy access for tricker-treaters. Just five basic steps are all you need to get your Halloween coloring party started.

Start Planning Your Halloween Coloring Night

Hosting an adult coloring night on Halloween is a grown-up way to embrace the spooky spirit of the season. You don’t need to spend a lot of time, energy, and hard-earned cash on a complex costume, and you don’t need to worry about staying out too late when you’ve got work the next morning. You can still have a fun night with your friends while creating some festive works of art together.

We hope these five simple steps to hosting an adult coloring night on Halloween have inspired you to get started on your holiday plans this year. We’d love to hear how you plan to throw a Halloween coloring night for your friends or coworkers. Leave us a message in the comments below. We can’t wait to see what great ideas you come up with!


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