How to Turn Your Love for Art Into a Business

If you love coloring or art so much maybe it it time to consider going pro and making a sizable profit off of it. Especially if your friends and family are constantly complimenting you and your creative work, then you might really have a genius business idea on your hands just waiting for you to take full advantage of it.

We live in a world where the majority of people have some sort of side hustle. Meaning that when their 9-to-5 is over they are still bringing in money from 5-to-9. And you can turn your love of art and coloring into a side business (or if you are really good, into a full-time business).

Even though you may love it so much you would do it for free, the money is just an added bonus. Why not rack in some income while also pursing your passionate and showcasing your creativity to the world? Now is the time to start, my friend.

Make Money for Your Art

Here are some fun ways to make a profit while also putting your passion of art to work:


Etsy is a marketplace where people sell their products, crafts, homemade items, clothing, and anything else you can possibly think of. There are so many different ways to take your love of art to create products and then sell them on Etsy. For starters, if you love painting and coloring glassware, you can sell the glassware you put your stamp on and then sell them on this website. Or you can simply sell your masterpiece drawings, paintings, sketches, etc. on there for people to purchase and decorate their home with.


There is an endless amount of ways to create products and sell on this website. You just have to figure out which route you want to take and what specifically it is you want to make.

Craft fairs

If you prefer face-to-face contact with people and are better at persuading people in person to purchase your art, than craft fairs are the perfect option for you. If you are going to be the queen/king of selling your artwork at craft fairs, make sure you have an impressive booth or display set-up to grab people’s attention and showcase your work. Check your local papers and community boards to find craft fairs happening around your community. Register your booth, attend the craft fair, sell your artwork, and take that money straight to the bank.

Freelance artist/designer/colorist

You can become a freelance artist, designer or even a colorist and sell your services to others. You can join a freelance marketplace that assists you in finding work and clients searching for freelance workers like you. For this type of work, I would recommend creating a profile on UpWork. Just scrolling through the “Colorist” available jobs on the platform, there are clients who are looking for a comic book illustrator, someone to color in sketches, colorists needed for film projects, etc. Try your luck on there by creating a profile, pitching yourself and your work to great opportunities, or allowing people to contact you directly for work. Watch as your profits start to roll in.


Perhaps your passion behind art and coloring is teaching others different techniques and educating others on various styles and methods, then become an art teacher is the route you should take. And I know what you are thinking, I cannot become a professional art teacher. Well, guess what? You do not have to. There are non-certified teaching jobs available. You can also see what type of teaching opportunities are available to you at local studios, community centers or daycares. You can even consider hosting your own mini-workshop where you can teach your skills to a group of people eager to learn.

Illustrate coloring books

Another route you can take is becoming a coloring book illustrator. If you love drawing coloring book designs, have an attention to detail, and also want to deal with the self-publishing process, than becoming an illustrator is a great option for you. After you create and self-publish your coloring book, you can sell it on various marketplaces, such as Amazon. Do some of your own marketing to promote the book and hopefully people will purchase your incredible coloring book.

Business Tips and Tricks

Whether you decide to become a coloring book illustrator, sell your work at craft fairs, or a freelance artist, you will need to establish your business and your brand.

Here are some things you should consider when creating a business around your art:

Become an LLC

If you truly want to grow your business and make a profitable income off of it, I recommend creating a Limited Liability Company (LLC) which means your personal assets are protected from your business endeavors for necessary reasons.

Create business cards

When you are marketing yourself and your art, you should get customized business cards. These business cards will especially come in handy to pass out at those craft fairs or give to people who take an interest in your work. Your business card should include your contact information along with a unique and striking design obviously.

Develop a website

In order for people to find and buy your work, create a website solely for your work. This will allow people to find you and your work via Google searches, see your portfolio, and potentially purchase your services. You should check out websites like WordPress or SquareSpace to create your website.

Final Thoughts

If coloring is a true passion of yours and you are pretty great at it, then consider all of your options and see how you can make a profit off of this. Creating a business based off of your love and talent for art will allow you to not only make a side income (or full income) but also showcase your gift with the world.

Not sure if starting a business is right for you? Or confused about what route to take? Try out one or two different routes at first and simply dip into it. If you find out you love one more than the other or figure out the best route for you then dive in fully. You will not regret it.

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